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  AdanaŽ - The Home of Small Letterpress
  • Caslon® Limited purchased the Adana®company in 1987 and continue to supply the ever-popular 8 x 5 printing machine through a unique refurbishment programme that utilises the many original parts we still have available.
  • Along with the press itself we still supply type, brass rule, ink, quoins, reglet, furniture, lead spacing and a number of other consumables. For beginners we offer Starter Kits  which include everything needed to start in letterpress printing.
  • Contact us for our Adana® Type and Cabinets Sale list which is updated regularly to search out the bargains we have in our warehouse. 
  • Be sure to ask about our new High Definition Rollers. These new rollers combine the versatility of the old-style polyurethane products but they also have the durability and definition of commercially made rollers used on big presses.
  • Letterpress printing is making a comeback not only with print buffs but with people who want something different. It certainly can’t be mistaken for a photocopy or a lazerprint and therefore provides a degree of security. It has its own distinctive look and feel. It was the process that started the communications revolution and it continues to entice the design community to push the process to even greater heights.
  • When you have seen good letterpress printing you will realise it leaves a lasting impression in more ways than one. Why not try for yourself?


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